Why Aqua?

I've often wondered to myself, why Aqua? I've always kind of known that I would like her because I thought she looked awesome when her design was first released. Even so, I did not have a PSP for a long time after the game came out and I honestly just forgot about Birth by Sleep. For some reason I came across images from the game again and I thought that my favorite character would be Terra. I watched a ton of videos for his story and ended up picking him to play as first when I finally borrowed the game from a friend. I barely got past the Castle of Dreams when somehow my brain became focused on Aqua. I was not having an easy time being Terra (probably because I'm not usually good with heavier characters that deal more damage) so I decided to start a new game with Aqua. Ever since then, she became one of my favorite characters of all time. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever bonded with a video game character as much as I have with her. Not only did I identify with her feelings and story, but I really, really enjoyed playing as her. I'm not an amazing gamer and often times even if I'm somewhat decent with a character, it still takes me quite a while to become that way. I hit it off right away with Aqua, somehow. Where I literally ran through areas with Terra to avoid battles, I repeatedly went back and forth between screens to battle the Unversed with Aqua. I love her battle style, her moves and how balanced she is between physical moves and magic. I love her speed and strength.

I usually do not have second and third save files for games unless I absolutely love the game or it is a game that I can play with a friend like the Tales of games. As soon as I beat Aqua's story the first time, I started my game with Terra over again because I eventually wanted to play as all three characters for the full story. It wasn't long before I dropped that and started another save with Aqua on a harder mode, though. Right now I presently have three different save files for Aqua's story, one on each of the difficulty levels. My second and third save files are pretty perfectionist in terms of getting all the chests, stickers, etc. which is pretty odd for me because I never really go all out like that. Needless to say, I am very fond of playing as Aqua and experiencing her story.

I started playing Aqua's story back in February of 2013 and it was really only a matter of a week or two before I decided that I wanted to make Stormfall. Many months and two save files passed before I actually got around to writing the content for the site but I have to admit that I've never had such an easy time just talking about a character. Usually I tend to be very uptight and "professional" when writing, which makes it hard for me to write freely. For some reason I was able to avoid that problem with Aqua and just wrote what came to mind. I feel that I may have ranted/rambled more than I would have liked, but overall I'm glad that I got my feelings and thoughts about Aqua's character out. All in all, I've really enjoyed experiencing Aqua's story, becoming a better Aqua player and writing about her. I'm definitely glad I went with my random impulse to play the game because she is without a doubt one of my favorite characters ever.

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