Water Symbolism

Aqua is the Latin word for water. Kingdom Hearts is notorious for it's sky-land-water theme when it comes to character names and Birth by Sleep is clearly no exception. Aqua is the third female character to have a name relating to water. Kairi as the ocean, Naminé as a wave and now Aqua as just water in general. I think it could be interesting to think about the order in which they existed and their names. The newer the character, the lower in the hierarchy of water their name is. Aqua technically came first in time and her name is the most general sense of water. Kairi would be second. An ocean is a body of water and thus falls underneath the general heading of water. Naminé being last is a wave which exists within an ocean. Xion, who is rumored to have a name connected to tide, would be another possible addition to the hierarchy of water. Clearly all of the main female characters in Kingdom Hearts are related to water in some regard.

Aqua's two main Keyblades also have heavy water symbolism. Rainfell and Stormfall both make reference to weather in the form of precipitation. Rainfell has a teardrop shaped gap near the base and the links and token of the key chain are made up of water droplets. Stormfall has similar links and a token that also resemble water droplets. Brightcrest, Aqua's best Keyblade in Final Mix, is not only the color of water, but resembles multiple waves on the blade as well as the shaft. Even Destiny's Embrace has a small wave at the hilt, thus making all of Aqua's unique Keyblades have a water theme other than when she uses Eraqus' for a short period of time.

Water can symbolize a variety of things. Out of all of the meanings that I have learned and read about, I believe that feminine energy, transition/growth, purification/healing and wisdom apply to Aqua the most. I have already mentioned how the female characters in Kingdom Hearts have connections to water through their names, so water representing a more feminine energy could logically make sense from those connections already made. I would argue that the main female characters also tend to go through periods of transition and growth, or at least a decision that takes a lot of muster to reach. In Aqua's case, she grows out of her naive viewpoints of the world and others into someone who truly understands the intricacies of life. From that growth she has gained wisdom about the heart that she did not once have. Lastly, Aqua goes from world to world helping wherever she can. In a way, she is "purifying" each world of the Unversed and "healing" those who are affected by them by bringing loved ones together or simply aiding those in need.

Aqua is referred to as "Dancing Waters Forming Bonds" on the official Japanese website. I think this title is very fitting for her for two reasons. Clearly her connection to water has been established from everything mentioned above. I feel describing her as "dancing waters" fits particularly well because when she is fighting she is very graceful, elegant and almost could appear as if she were dancing. This is especially true when she is using the Spellweaver command style. Her movements are incredibly fluid and light, just like water. As for "forming bonds," Aqua not only makes bonds of friendship wherever she goes because of her kind and compassionate heart, but she is also heavily responsible for keeping her and her friends tied together.

Though most of this section is based purely on speculation, I certainly would have to agree that water is a very fitting element in terms of Aqua's character and personality.

1. Symbolism of Water

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