Command Styles

When the characters in Birth by Sleep fill up the command gauge with certain types of commands (attack, magic or action), they undergo a change in battle style. The changed command style gives attacks increased strength. Depending on the style, an elemental damage property may be added as well. The finish command will also change to an attack by the same name as the style. Most command styles are shared between Aqua, Ven and Terra, but Aqua does have two exclusives.

Aqua-Exclusive Styles

Spellweaver is Aqua's default, basic command style. It is activated when Aqua fills the command gauge by using a variety of magic spells. Visually, Aqua gains a light-looking aura and floats around the screen while gracefully and swiftly attacking the enemies with her Keyblade. Naturally, this style enhances all of her magic commands. "Spellweaver," the finish command, has Aqua spin around in a circle that can be controlled with the analog stick for a short period of time. VIDEO LINK? (NOTE: "Spellweaver" is called "Magic Wish" in the Japanese version.)

Ghost Drive is Aqua's second exclusive command style. This one, however, is an advanced style and therefore can only be activated after already activating a basic style. Once in a basic one, filling the command gauge with lightning, magnet or reprisal commands will cause this style to activate. Ghost Drive allows Aqua to quickly teleport to various locations around the enemy while dealing multiple blows per one press of the attack button. She also teleports simply when using the cartwheel command. The finish command "Ghost Drive" has Aqua leap into the air and dive at the same point multiple times. After creating a circle of spikes centered at that same point, an explosion of light deals damage to all nearby enemies. Aqua learns Ghost Drive after deafeating Vanitas in Neverland. VIDEO LINK?

General Styles

Bladecharge: (advanced) A command style where the Keyblade turns into a long sword of light. It is activated by the use of fire, blizzard or thunder commands while already being in a basic command style. For the finish command, Aqua holds the Keyblade in her right hand and spins it rapidly in the air above her head. Shortly thereafter, she brings it down in two consecutive slashes.
     → Obtained after defeating Trinity Armor in Radiant Garden.

Diamond Dust: (basic) A blizzard-based style that is activated by using blizzard commands. Surrounded by an icy aura, particles of ice emit from Aqua as well. Attacks become faster and do blizzard damage. For the finish command, Aqua creates a giant glacier that bursts and does damage to nearby enemies.
     → Obtained after defeating Hades in Olympus Coliseum.

Firestorm: (basic) A fire-based style that is activated by using fire commands. Aqua is surrounded by a red Aura while her Keyblade is covered in flames. Attacks become faster and deal fire damage. The finish command has Aqua jump into the air and throw a fireball down at the ground that erupts into various pillars to attack the enemy.
     → Obtained after defeating Maleficent in Enchanted Dominion.

Frozen Fortune: (special) A command style that has a 20% chance of activating when Aqua uses an ice cream during the battle. Using this style, Aqua summons an ice cream bullet to deal damage to the enemy. The finisher is a spinning attack that summons six bullets at once, dealing a lot of damage during the spin and after the impact of the bullets.
     → Obtained after clearing Dessert Paradise on Master with a
      "fantastic" score.

Rhythm Mixer: (advanced) A music-themed style that is activated by using thunder, mine and strike commands. While using this style, Aqua attacks by using rhythmic sounds. She is surrounded by a white aura with two small white cubes floating around her. The finisher consists of her creating a "music board" and disappearing while the player has to press either the O, ▲ or buttons to create sound waves. Aqua then reappears and creates a shockwave that does more damage.
     → Obtained after gaining 140 points in the sticker album.

Sky Climber: (advanced) A command style where Aqua rides a strong current of wind and takes an air advantage over her enemies. It is activated by using zero gravity commands while already in a basic command style. Aqua hovers over the ground and has the ability to attack enemies with great speed. The finish command has Aqua mount her Keyblade to attack multiple times, head for the sky and then back down spinning like a tornado.
     → Obtained after the "Combined Threat" in Mirage Arena.

Thunderbolt: (basic) A thunder-based style that is activated by using thunder commands. With an electrifying aura, attacks are faster and deal thunder damage. For the finisher, Aqua throws her Keyblade into the air and summons bolts of lightning that deal damage to the enemies below.
     → Obtained after escorting Jaq in Castle of Dreams.

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