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Stormfall was a project that I had planned since late February of 2013, but it was not open to the public until July 15, 2013. I thought both of Aqua's Keyblades (Rainfell and Stormfall) were strangely fitting as a site title, but I ended up going with Stormfall. I figured it would be a better representation because she receives it after much of her story is complete and thus a lot of her development has been explored as well. Stormfall is located at it's permanent home on after-death.org, where it will stay (probably) for as long as it is uploaded. Want to know why I chose Aqua? Check out my thoughts on my Why Aqua? page. Also, I want to give a special thanks to Megan, Crystal and Mayumi for keeping me motivated and giving me support to finish this site!

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