Aqua's Keyblade is medium in length compared to Terra's (long) and Ven's (short). She starts the game with Rainfell (see below), but receives various Keychains during the course of the game. Five of which are unique to her story and the rest are shared with Terra and Ven's stories.


Description: The Keyblade you started out with. What it lacks in reach it makes up for with a balanced boost to strength and magic.
Obtained: Default
Strength: +2 , Magic: +2
Critical: 25% (x1.2 damage)


Description: A well-balanced Keyblade that provides an extra boost to all your stats.
Obtained: Event at Destiny Islands
Strength: +5 , Magic: +4
Critical: 50% (x1.35 damage)


Description: A Keyblade with long reach that provides an outstanding boost in magic. It also makes it easier to land critical hits, and deals higher damage when you do.
Obtained: Final Episode (BBS Final Mix only)
Strength: +4 , Magic: +7
                          Critical: 75% (x1.5 damage)

Destiny's Embrace

Description: A Keyblade that makes it easier to land critical hits.
Obtained: Event at Destiny Islands
Strength: +3 , Magic: +3
Critical: 50% (x1.35 damage)

Master Keeper

Description: Master Eraqus's Keyblade. All of its stats are high.
Obtained: Secret Episode (BBS Final Mix only)
Strength: +7 , Magic: +7
Critical: ??% (x?? damage)

Shared Keychains

Treasure Trove: Clear Dwarf Woodlands
→STR+3, MAG+2, CRT25%/x1.2

Stroke of Midnight: Clear Castle of Dreams
→ STR+2, MAG+2, CRT75%/x1.35

Fairy Stars: Clear Enchanted Dominion
→ STR+2, MAG+3, CRT25%/x1.2

Mark of a Hero: Clear Olympus Coliseum
→ STR+5, MAG+1, CRT50%/x1.5

Hyperdrive: Clear Deep Space
→ STR+4, MAG+3, CRT50%/x1.35

Pixie Petal: Clear Neverland
→ STR+3, MAG+6, CRT75%/x1.35

Victory Line: Come 1st in "Castle Circuit" (Disney Town)
→ STR+4, MAG+2, CRT75%/x1.35

Sweetstack: Make all 7 flavors of ice cream (Disney Town)
→ STR+6, MAG+4, CRT100%/x1.2

Ultima Weapon: Clear "Villain's Vendetta" (Mirage Arena)
→ STR+7, MAG+6, CRT75%/x1.5

Void Gear: Defeat Vanitas' Lingering Spirit
→ STR+8, MAG+4, CRT??%/x???

No Name: Defeat the Mysterious Figure
→ STR+6, MAG+7, CRT??%/x???

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